In the modern IT environment security is essential.

Yet for many businesses, security is an expensive distraction from core activities.

Introducing CORVID

At CORVID, we deliver advanced and innovative IT security, discreetly.

We provide best-in-class monitoring, intelligence, protection and remediation services. We offer the peace of mind that effective IT security brings to those that do not have the staffing and specialist infrastructure to deliver it themselves.

IT secured

CORVID takes care of security without taking control of your IT.

genuine business benefit

CORVID delivers genuine business benefit by focussing on what matters - preventing attack. Our metrics are based on benefit versus cost, the type of metrics that businesses use daily to gauge performance.

Fit for purpose

CORVID defence combines the right intelligence, the right tools and the right process. Our customers select defensive services to meet their own risk requirements.

Easy to deploy

The precision of CORVID means that future attacks using the same method will be blocked, without impacting vital services or creating false positives.

The threat to organisations

The scale and nature of cyber security threats are largely misunderstood, even by vendors and experts with many years' experience. Threat actors are intelligent, educated and highly motivated. They are well-informed of the tools and techniques commonly used to detect their activity.

Often, malware demonstrates a level of sophistication far exceeding any anti-virus technology currently available.

If these sophisticated attackers were only targeting well-protected Government institutions, this would be a difficult but manageable problem. The Internet means that any organisation can be a victim, either deliberately or simply by being online.

CORVID has been created to help organisations meet this threat.

IT security services designed to work for business


CORVID uses a combination of best-in-class and in-house developed technologies to leverage maximum benefit.

CORVID ensures that the right information is generated and captured to support incident investigations, to quickly get businesses back to full operation with minimal interruption. Proper cyber incident management means minimising the impact to a business and regaining control as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We are experts in IT security

We specialise in the prevention, detection, analysis and clean-up of cyber attacks

The CORVID Approach

Intelligence-led detection

Using a variety of intelligence sources, CORVID has an impressive ability to detect attackers, beyond that achieved by anti-virus and managed security providers.

The CORVID approach is to proactively seek out malware and attackers.

The right technology

Our technologies are designed to be non-invasive and easy to deploy.

CORVID provides cyber security across five continents. Our design works.

Customer Anonymity

We take the anonymity of our customers seriously. Our job is to help you keep your secrets; that starts with your relationship with us.


Ultra Electronics has been helping customers keep their secrets and networks secure for over half a century; protecting networks and systems, ranging from the highest levels of Government, to billion-dollar global payment transactions.

CORVID was established by Ultra Electronics to safeguard in-house systems and intellectual property against the most sophisticated of attackers.

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